Trips through the Norcal Redwood Forest

My trip through the Redwood Forests in northern California was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had. As we entered the forest, the trees were so tall that it felt like you could reach out and touch them. The sky seemed smaller because there was such a thick canopy of leaves. I felt totally engulfed by nature.

I learned a lot more about how to take care of my body from this experience too. Despite all the excitement and new challenges, I had to be sure to keep up my exercise routine and eat healthy meals, since we pour a lot of concrete. Drinking lots of water in between workouts also helped me feel my best on this trip. This is something I’ll remember for years to come!

Last year I was really excited when my parents gave us a video camera for Christmas. We spent lots of time making funny home videos performing skits and other pranks on each other. It’s so fun to look back at these memories! We also took trips with our friends using the camcorder too, like the one we took during the summer to spend the weekend at a cabin on the lake. After we were done swimming, I loved filming my friends water skiing behind the boat after we installed a TPO roof—it was so much fun!

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Travelling Around in the North US: Detroit

The USA is such a wide territory that you can explore it and experience different landscapes, different time zones, and different climates. The entire United States area is almost 10 million km2, made up of mountains, grasslands, deserts, but also cities and metropolis.

this is an image of detroit in the us
When we think about travelling in the US, usually our minds go to the main and more popular cities, such as New York or Washington, but there are so many more places to visit in the United States: it is enough to get out of the normal touristic way of getting information or moving around the cities to know and enjoy a different (and true) American life.    

Detroit and its French Origin

Detroit was, initially, the name of the river that runs along the actual Detroit city. It dates back to 18th century, during the French colonization, and it refers to the fact that this river is like a strait between Huron Lake and Erie Lake. It became an important settlement for fur trading. After a period of English supremacy, Detroit became part of the United States at the end of 1700.

After the Civil War, Detroit was rebuilt according to a very refined architecture and became a strategic city for transportation, industries, and shipyard.

Detroit and its Past as Car Birthplace

At the end of 19th century, Henry Ford built his first car in Detroit and started his industry. Soon Detroit became the capital city of car production. Many people moved to Detroit, either to work in the car or in the weapon’s industry. Most of the immigrants were black and estrange the white people working in there.

The ‘70s oil crisis shook the whole car industry in the USA, Detroit included, which never really recovered from it.

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Travelling Around the United States: Indianapolis

Indianapolis area was the land of Delaware tribes until its foundation, in early 1800, when their displacement started. In 1847 its first railway started working, connecting the city to other important ones, such as Jeffersonville and Madison. In the end of 1900, Indianapolis was a big car production site, at the same level as Detroit.

Indianapolis is also called “the Crossroads of America”: this name is due to the number of roads that connect the city to St. Luis, Cleveland, Detroit, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Chicago.

this is an image of indianapolis

What To See in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

Indianapolis Motor Speedway, with its iconic oval shape, is a piece of car racing history. Enter the circuit and breath the exciting racing atmosphere. Visit the museum and see the many cars that made its history, here you will see the winning ones. Have a look at the pilots’ hall of fame and try to recognize the most famous ones. Visit the area dedicated to Team Penske, one of the best and most famous ones.

Indianapolis Museum of Art

In a 15-minutes trip out of the city center, you can visit Indianapolis Museum of Art. It is in a modern building, surrounded by a beautiful, lush garden. Along with its multi-level galleries, this museum hosts works of art from all over the world, with a few antiquities and a rich modern sector. Local art is part of the exhibition as well: here you can find Indiana pieces along with European paints.

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Tips to Travel to New York – USA

this is an image of travel to new york

Travelling to most of United States Cities can be very challenging especially to first timers but with an appropriate timing and planning it becomes easy and possible. When traveling it important to have all traveling documents in place since they determine your entry into a country.


It is necessary to plan your journey in advance especially before the traveling begins. Purchase a ticket in advance and after confirming your booking it is necessary to make a reservation to avoid undue pressure and high expenses. As soon as you arrive in New York it is reasonable to buy a ticket to the top Rock sunset. This will offer you a better view and enhance your perspective on the scenes. Depending on how you would like to spend your money in the city it is necessary you have a good plan and places you would like to visit. Places such as Statue of Liberty, Southern Manhattan, and Ellis Island are unexceptional.To arrive at such places it is wise to have good traveling plans. The visitor can buy a Rockefeller tours which are affordable this will make the tour travel smoother. Sometimes it is good to put tour application for phones or audio in place since it is cheap and convenient when visiting New York in the United States.

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Tips to Travel to San Francisco in California

San Francisco is one of the cities found in the state of California. It is the fourth largest city in the state of California and has a population of 805, 235 people. It is one of the most attractive and beautiful cities in the world. Muir Woods, a redwood forest, is 30 minute’s drive north San Francisco, the Sierra Nevada Mountains is four hours drive northeast of the city, and the Golden Gate Bridge makes it be one of the best destinations for tourists from all over the world. Following are tips for someone who is visiting San Francisco for the first time.


Temperatures are moderately cool in San Francisco. Temperatures on the higher side average 14℃ and during the lower side average of 10℃. The weather at San Francisco is usually quite unpredictable since it changes any time due to its proximity to the ocean. It is therefore recommended to a tourist to carry both heavy and light clothes to cope up with the change in weather.

cold sanfrancisco weather  


San Francisco is the fourth congested city in the world making terrible traffic within the city. Tourists may find it difficult to drive in San Francisco city. This is because of the single lane direction routes that to anyone who is not familiar will be cumbersome to navigate easily. Also, due to its congested space, finding parking is difficult within the city. In conjunction with the high side-parking meter fees and parking garage fees, it would be advisable for a tourist to opt for public transportation.

san francisco traffic

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Visiting California for the First Time

Have you been dreaming of taking a vacation to California? Well, most people love to go on vacations and spend time with their families or friends. We all love to have some fun together be it a road trip or booking a plane ticket. The adrenaline rush and the anxiousness to travel and experience the long trips and the views along the way is incredible.

Whether you desire to have a relaxing time at the beach or at a wine estate as you sightsee, California offers the perfect getaway. Here your dream vacation becomes a reality.

California is an all year travel destination. The weather is favorable be it for the beach or for the snow bunnies.

How to Explore California

  • Road Trips

The easiest way to navigate to California is by road trips. The highways are of good quality with freeways links. In case your vacation is during winter, you may require checking for road closure before traveling due to the snow. There is so much to California that just by driving you’ll be able to see a lot of the things one might set out to see on their trip. One of my trips to California I ended up meeting up with a friend of mine who’s a concrete contractor. The highlight of my time in Northern California was simply driving all around with him for a day around the greater Sacramento area to quote on and check out the progress of his client’s jobs.  Seeing many things in a short amount of time can be a lot of fun.

aerial sacramento views

  • Train

The train is another way to explore California. Trains follow the coastline which has scenic and breathtaking views. It allows you to have all the beautiful and scenic views as compared to the car.

sacramento train station

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A Visit to the Northern US: Chicago

Chicago: One of the Most Important Cities in the US

Developed along the Lake Michigan, Chicago is one of the 10 most important cities in the world. This big metropolis downtown, The Loop, is marked by the huge presence of skyscrapers: even if you will not find here more skyscrapers than in New York, you will see a skyline dominated by these high towers.

Its climate is typically continental: winters can be extremely cold in winter, with periods in which temperature does not go beyond 0°, or extremely hot, with peaks 35° during the day.

Chicago is the city with most drawbridges in the world: 45, all along its river and lake.

this is a picture of a visit to the northern us

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