Tips to Travel to San Francisco in California

San Francisco is one of the cities found in the state of California. It is the fourth largest city in the state of California and has a population of 805, 235 people. It is one of the most attractive and beautiful cities in the world. Muir Woods, a redwood forest, is 30 minute’s drive north San Francisco, the Sierra Nevada Mountains is four hours drive northeast of the city, and the Golden Gate Bridge makes it be one of the best destinations for tourists from all over the world. Following are tips for someone who is visiting San Francisco for the first time.


Temperatures are moderately cool in San Francisco. Temperatures on the higher side average 14℃ and during the lower side average of 10℃. The weather at San Francisco is usually quite unpredictable since it changes any time due to its proximity to the ocean. It is therefore recommended to a tourist to carry both heavy and light clothes to cope up with the change in weather.

cold sanfrancisco weather  


San Francisco is the fourth congested city in the world making terrible traffic within the city. Tourists may find it difficult to drive in San Francisco city. This is because of the single lane direction routes that to anyone who is not familiar will be cumbersome to navigate easily. Also, due to its congested space, finding parking is difficult within the city. In conjunction with the high side-parking meter fees and parking garage fees, it would be advisable for a tourist to opt for public transportation.

san francisco traffic

Comfortable Shoes

Residence and visitors to San Francisco city choose walking over driving because of convenience and easy to move from place to place. The only hindrance to walking is San Francisco city is characterized by hilly streets. These hills make it difficult for people to comfortably walk with uncomfortable shoes. It is therefore advisable that one should find flat and comfortable shoes when considering visiting the city.


Anyone traveling to San Francisco should make arrangements for their accommodation. San Francisco city hotels are usually fully booked by tourists, and or business people who flock into the city. If one overlooks to book hotel rooms in advance, one would find themselves in a dilemma.

Attraction Sites

There are many tourist attraction sites in San Francisco. These include the Museum of Art, the Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, Lombard Street, Alcatraz Island, Fisherman’s, Wharf, China Town, Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco Cable Car Museum, Angel Island, San Francisco Aquarium, San Francisco Botanical Gardens, etc. To access these places is easy for public transportation does visit these places often during the day, and some even in the night.

golden gate park

Located at the top of Peninsula, San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Every year over twenty million tourists pay a visit to this city.  Before you plan to visit San Francisco, consider the above-mentioned tips.