Tips to Travel to New York – USA

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Travelling to most of United States Cities can be very challenging especially to first timers but with an appropriate timing and planning it becomes easy and possible. When traveling it important to have all traveling documents in place since they determine your entry into a country.


It is necessary to plan your journey in advance especially before the traveling begins. Purchase a ticket in advance and after confirming your booking it is necessary to make a reservation to avoid undue pressure and high expenses. As soon as you arrive in New York it is reasonable to buy a ticket to the top Rock sunset. This will offer you a better view and enhance your perspective on the scenes. Depending on how you would like to spend your money in the city it is necessary you have a good plan and places you would like to visit. Places such as Statue of Liberty, Southern Manhattan, and Ellis Island are unexceptional.To arrive at such places it is wise to have good traveling plans. The visitor can buy a Rockefeller tours which are affordable this will make the tour travel smoother. Sometimes it is good to put tour application for phones or audio in place since it is cheap and convenient when visiting New York in the United States.

Public Transportation

Once you land in New York it is advisable that you get connected to Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) to ferry you to your desired destination. This is more appropriate to avoid being misled or robbed. Visitors also should seek guidance information posted on and observe sub-ways signs. Some important tips to keep in mind while on the subway are to stand behind the marked yellow line at the platform edge. Do not touch subway doors when open, this helps avoid accidents. It is also advisable to buy MetroCard from MetroCard kiosks in the station or from approved vendors. There are many medallion taxies in the city be careful to get a licensed one and observe the underlying laws of their operations.

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New York is one of the famous cities where people can walk freely or use a bicycle to reach the destination of their choice. Guiding tours help visitors to accesses different places of their choices and to be safer it is advisable to get attached to the tour guide who is licensed the guide association of New York( When cycling observes all regular traffic regulations such as keeping within the bike lanes, always cross at the light and if available use crossing zones for pedestrians. For a tireless walker, it will be good to buy a pass. This helps visit many tourists attraction as possible and it can be done all day long guidebook will be appropriate to facilitate maximum enjoyment.

In conclusion, a good travel plan will enable one to enjoy his or her tour and able to see: Midtown bus tour, Uptown bus tour, Night bus tour, Skyscraper Museum, Discovery Times Square, Carnegie Hall tour, MadameTussauds New York among many others. it is wise  to abide by laws and order apart from  procedures and plans.