Travelling Around the United States: Indianapolis

Indianapolis area was the land of Delaware tribes until its foundation, in early 1800, when their displacement started. In 1847 its first railway started working, connecting the city to other important ones, such as Jeffersonville and Madison. In the end of 1900, Indianapolis was a big car production site, at the same level as Detroit.

Indianapolis is also called “the Crossroads of America”: this name is due to the number of roads that connect the city to St. Luis, Cleveland, Detroit, Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Chicago.

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What To See in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

Indianapolis Motor Speedway, with its iconic oval shape, is a piece of car racing history. Enter the circuit and breath the exciting racing atmosphere. Visit the museum and see the many cars that made its history, here you will see the winning ones. Have a look at the pilots’ hall of fame and try to recognize the most famous ones. Visit the area dedicated to Team Penske, one of the best and most famous ones.

Indianapolis Museum of Art

In a 15-minutes trip out of the city center, you can visit Indianapolis Museum of Art. It is in a modern building, surrounded by a beautiful, lush garden. Along with its multi-level galleries, this museum hosts works of art from all over the world, with a few antiquities and a rich modern sector. Local art is part of the exhibition as well: here you can find Indiana pieces along with European paints.

Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site

Benjamin Harrison was the 23rd President of the United States of America, between 1889 and 1893. Harrison died in 1901 in his house in Indianapolis, which got a complete restoration and is now a sort of memorial museum. Here you can find objects, furniture, and even original paintings the former President’s used to have. Even the library is still filled up with his personal books. During the guided tour you will discover interesting facts about President Harrison: for example, that his house was the first one in the whole Minneapolis to have electricity.

Indiana War Memorial Plaza

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The Indiana War Memorial Plaza is a historic area dedicated to the nation’s conflicts. It includes monuments, parks, statues, sculptures, fountains and a museum. Everything here is about national pride, personal sacrifice, and national glory. Here is where the whole city honors its veterans, of all wars. Here you can also find American Legion national headquarters.

James Whitcomb Riley Museum Home

This is the Victorian house of the poet James Whitcomb Riley, where you can find his objects, book, original furniture, and live a little bit of the atmosphere you can read in his poems. It is one of the most interesting places to see while traveling around the United States.

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

If you are traveling around Minneapolis and you have your kids with you, Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is surely a place to visit. It is a 5 floors museum full of activities for children of all age: from the smallest ones, who can be entertained with soft toys and simple activities, to the grown-ups, with experiments and adventure games. No need to say it, adults usually have a great fun in here as well.